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Repair thyristor exciters of synchronous motors

Modernization of all types of thyristor exciters
synchronous motors

Synchronous motors have a significant impact on the energy system of the enterprise. Cost-effectiveness of the mechanism with a synchronous drive depends on the excitation of the synchronous machine. The work is a huge number of pathogens 70, 80 years of release, founded by engineers of that time the safety margin has been exhausted, frequent outages, there are difficulties with the repair, money for new equipment is not always enough.
Decent and affordable option - UPGRADE, will allow you to address pressing problems:
1) The cost is 2-6 times less than buying a new pathogen
2) Multiple increase the reliability of existing pathogens
3) Reduction of energy consumption by 2-20% is more than 100 MW! per year
4) 5-year warranty on the main elements of the pathogen.
Modernization of a pathogen in just 3 days.

The full version upgrade (KRTV.BT320), during this time, the existing cabinet agent will be installed:
MBV controller agent synchronous motor
Microprocessor controlled thyristor exciters of synchronous
engines BIE. Used in the production of pathogens VTE-11Tshh. Gives the pathogen
new features: power-saving modes, the full range of protection and high-tech
functions (redundancy, connectivity control system using various protocols, event log,
statistics, work in the softstarter and speed control). At
BIE assembly replaced all internal wiring closet and relay equipment.
TE8 replacement power unit
SCR unit - bridge rectifier, assembled on modern thyristor modules
and a large radiator with thyristor key, current transformers, RC-circuits, the board
Control of starting resistors. Models available for 200A and 320A rated current.
Thyristor modules are easy to replace, they are safe (to the radiator can be touched) more
available than the older models of thyristors. Unlike the old thyristor to a new block
SCR 5 year warranty. Simultaneously replaced by a power machine on VA88-3.
operator panel (display) thyristor exciter
Panel meters or LCD color monitor with touch surface, instead of buttons and
old switch devices will refresh the form the cabinet and give it a modern look. You
access to all information about the system! The hardware is password protected.

We are a manufacturer of pathogens synchronous motors and digital controls. Currently, more than 1,000 of our systems are operated by 93 companies in 6 countries.



similarly VTE-315/48-11TSE
Upgrade option

Replacement: control relay-contactor equipment replacement:
management system
relay-contactor equipment
power unit (thyristors, automatic)

management system
relay-contactor equipment
power section
(Thyristors, automatic, transformer)

The functionality of the station at the latest designs
1. power-saving modes of operation. Savings of 2-3% on the motor stator
2. reactive power compensation system
3. Event Log
4. integration into the process control system
5. Responsible for everything one control unit, in case of its failure, maintenance is reduced to the replacement of one unit.
6. Work in softstarters and speed control of synchronous motors (ABB VNIIR, KHEMZ)

Low upgrade costs.

The power part is made on modern thyristor modules placed on a single radiator, easy maintenance.
Complete replacement of switchgear


Save up to 30% energy of the 0.4 kV (power rotor)
100% redundancy of power section


Thyristors and power machine are old.