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About us

Intelligent Machines Co Ltd. (INTMASH) was set up in March 21, 2006 (Vernal Equinox Day) in Berdsk, Novosibirsk region. The foremost purpose is not to survive but always to be in progress developing efficient technical solutions.

Today, INTMASH is a modern engineering company, which provides full-cycle service including engineering design and series manufacturing of electrical equipment, digital control systems, components of automation, and technological and embedded software.

Products and services provided by the enterprise

  • cost-effective upgrade of electrical installation
  • digital control systems for power converter installation
  • power converter installations and power electronics products
  • software and electronic devices engineering (including custom-made)

Engineering design

R&D department consists of two groups – the 1st one is in Novosibirsk office next to Novosibirsk State Technical University, the 2nd one is in Berdsk, where are accomplished production processes . Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced; we have all necessary facility and efficient CAD.


Manufacturing facilities of the enterprise are based on Berdsk Electromechanical Plant (Public Joint-Stock Company); products are manufactured in close cooperation with specialized Berdsk companies and Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Manufacturing facilities are equipped with effective tools and techniques for high-speed manufacturing and assembly of electrical equipment and test benches for quality control. More than 80% of the equipment are issued by individual orders which considerably differ functionality


The enterprise has licenses, service engineers and provides services necessary to install and commission the equipment for customers anywhere in the World. By close cooperation with our representatives in Russia and CIS Countries we can promptly resolve any issues concerning the equipment operation.

Market area

Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, All the World

Leadership, open relationship, responsibility

We are open for the partners in transferring our technologies. Our company designs and manufactures basic components for complex electronics. Our specialized control systems for various power converter devices (at this stage they are rectifiers for electrolysis and electroplating, synchronous motors and generators exciters, DC motor exciters, Subsynchronous Converter Cascade (SCC) , DC and AC drives, airport rectifiers etc.) are used in production by leading Russian electrotechnical plants

By using our electronics our partners have improved the quality of their products and made it more competitive with foreign companies’. In Uzbekistan and Byelorussia they created new branch of industry before never existed in this countries – exciter and rectifier manufacturing. Therefore, we take responsibility for our partners and do not let them fall back on the technology front. We constantly increase functionality of our products and strive for being in trend; optimize design and manufacture to provide prompt individual order execution. We strengthen and value reputation of a reliable partner.

Our techniques are involved in complex technological processes where the cost of downtime can be extremely high and the loss of breakdown irreplaceable. We always keep it in mind and take a responsible approach to each delivery.

Our equipment is involved in complex technological processes where the price of idle time can be extremely high, and consequences of accident are irreversible. We always remember this, and responsibly we treat the products.


Full name: Intelligent Machines Limited Liability Company
Abbreviated name: INTMASH LLC.
Mailing and legl address: Russia, 630009, Novosibirsk region, Berdsk, Zelenaya Roscha st., 2
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E-mail: info@intmash.ru