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The GALS digital control system is intended for manual and programm control thyristor converters of all types and functions

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Freedom optimization and automation
of technological processes
electrolysis and electroplating

Выпрямители с цифровой системой управления GALS

GALS-controllers, supporting the GLS-program format, to provides for technologist unlimited possibilities for detailed processes optimization... but where «need just a rectifier» GALS indispensable.

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The GALS digital control system is intended for manual and programm control of thyristor converters of all types and functions, and integration convertors in automatic process control system.


  • Production of converters: GALS controllers equipped production of modern adjustable rectifiers and converters for electroplating, electrolysis and other processes.
  • Low-costs upgrade: GALS control unit are used for the replacement of obsolete control device during restoration or modernization of the thyristor converters of all types, but the thyristors, relays, cooling system, power contactors and circuit breakers remain or replaced by a new at the request of the customer.

Set of the equipment and software:

1. Rectifier* with GALS control unit (operator panel, SD card 4GB, communication interfaces)**
2. IDE «GALS» (desk-top application) for creation of technological GLS-programs

* reversible or not reversible thyristor rectifier, any current and voltage.
** not required for rectifiers with manual control without APCS interfaces, but always have the ability to add new features in the future

Technologist work sequence: 
  • develop of a technological process
  • visual description of the technological process in «GALS» application
  • conversion technological process in the GLS-program (wich designed for execution on the rectifier)
  • record GLS-program on the SD card rectifier*
  • to run a program on execution**

Thus, it is possible to prepare many technological programs for different details, platings, mortars or melts, and apply them as needed.

The visual development environment technology programs GALS allows you to easily create programs (change in time of current, voltage, density) of any complexity and duration***.

Visual programming is done using the envelope curve lines and filling the areas formed by the line, impulses of arbitrary shape in any combination.

Develop technological process in "GALS" IDE




*     Record a program on an SD-card rectifier can be done: remotely with communication interfaces, or simply insert an SD-card into the computer, copy the desired files to SD-card, and then insert SD-card it into the slot controller GALS
**   Select and start the desired program (located on the SD-card of controller GALS) can be done: remotely with communication interfaces, or using the touch panel operator
*** 3 MB is the size of the 24-hour program, duration of the program is limited to the capacity of the SD-card

GLS-program - freedom of technical creativity

GLS program clearly defines the work of the rectifier to ensure compliance with technological process, even the most exotic. In the GLS program is written:

  • the sequence of changes to the controlled quantity in time
  • information for the operator (displayed on the operator panel)

Controlled variable is: current, voltage, current density in any combination: on one area of the program straightener can stabilize the current, on the other, the current density on the third voltage and so on. The specified form of the regulated value can be any.

GLS-program - freedom of information

The format of the GLS-programs akin to the format of music files, rectifier is seen as a kind CD-player with buttons "PLAY", "STOP", "PAUSE" and elements for select the file to play.

Files of GLS-programs can be:

  • transferred to other rectifier (swap SD-cards)
  • packed into archives of technological programs
  • transferred on the Internet
  • developed to order
  • sold
  • etc. as any information product

  1. Operator action


  • controls operation of the rectifier on information on the operator panel, panel meters, indicator lamps
  • permits/prohibits operation of the rectifier
  • by means of the panel of the operator, chooses and starts on execute GLS-programs available on the SD-card
  • manage the rectifier in a manual mode

in case of breakage, checks the rectifier, resets breakage signals

  • In a manual mode, the rectifier provides stabilization of the chosen parameter (current, voltage, current density), a choice of the direction of current (direct, reverse).
  • In case of turning on of the rectifier or changes of the direction of current, regulated parameter reaches the set point with the specified speed.


Automation of technological process

For the GALS control unit, engineered netcards that implement one or more interfaces and communication protocols used in process control systems:

  • MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100MBit
  • MODBUS RTU RS485 1200…115200BPS
  • PROFIBUS DP RS485 1200…115200BPS

Built-in interfaces:

  • USB - to update the software and adjustment
  • RS485 MODBUS RTU 115200 BPS to connect the operator panel (local and remote), the maximum distance to the remote operator panel is 1200m from the rectifier

Interfaces allow you to:

  • control the work of the rectifier (all settings available)
  • upload GLS-programs files to the SD-card of GALS control unit
  • select available GLS-programs on SD-card and execute them


  • Soft-start during turn-on and current reverse in any mode
  • Protection of rectifier and technological process
  • Phases loss and distortion protection*
  • Continuous automatic control of insulation*
  • Compensation of voltage drop on the wires (IR-compensation)*
  • Diagnosis of thyristors state, in case of fault know which thyristor is failed
  • Temperature measurement capability components rectifier (thyristors, coolant) in 64 points (from-40C up to +125 C with the accuracy of 0.5 degrees C, the power supply of all sensors and data transmission is performed only on the two wires)
  • Writing rectifier data to the SD-card for investigation of emergency situations


 Continuous project development

The GALS control unit and its firmware and technological software allows flexible adaptation to requirements of the Customer and is permanently enhanced.

Supported rectifiers options
  • Reverse/non-reversing
  • Rectification diagram: three phase bridge, three phase zero circuit
  • Range of currents: from 1 A to 32767 A
  • Voltage range: from 3 to 1200 V
  • Cooling: natural air, forced air, water

The GALS control unit, the GALS firmware, visual development environment of the technological programs IDE "GALS", format of GLS-programs – is INTMASH LLC Copyright, in case of placement of information on the GALS controler and its application, the link to INTMASH LLC and a site www.intmash.ru is mandatory.