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Controlers of electromechanical brakes

Controlers of the KMT series it is intended for optimum control and noncontact switching of powerful inductive loadings:  electromagnetic sleeves, electromagnetic brakes, electromagnets, their supply automatically adjustable direct current. 

  • Load-lifting mechanisms: easels (foundry, forging), skip hoists
  • Large mechanisms: converter turn, slyabotolkatel
  • The large processing equipment: roll turning machine, stamp machine of camps of hot rolling

KMT provide: 
  • Fast unclamping and superimposing of receptacles of the brake
  • The minimum heating of the coil of the solenoid, at the expense of optimum control of current
  • All possible types of protection and diagnostics of electromechanical part of the brake

The KMT-30-600 model, in addition contains the logger of events with real-time clocks and the unit of statistical information.